Our Story

Powerful and mesmerizing, the ocean has captivated​ ​​human imagination since the beginning of time. Brazilian​ ​​at heart, Bossa Swim recognizes the simple​ ​magic and earth grounding energy that sparks from​ ​living by the beach.

While we reside in the Caribbean, our heritage lies​ ​within Brazil, where we design and develop every​ ​piece, drawing inspiration from the free-spirited​ ​women that came before us.​ ​Every piece is shaped to encourage women to feel​ ​beautiful in their own skin and embrace, what us​ ​Brazilians call, their Bossa - that little effortless​ ​something that makes each of us unique and sexy in​ ​our own way. It's about loving our bodies and souls​ ​for what they truly are and finding the things that​ ​draw us to become our most comfortable self.

Becoming more sustainable

As a young brand, we strive to bring our community quality products that make them look and feel great, while finding the most sustainable and conscious ways to do so along the way. While we can't consider ourselves 100% sustainable after just our first collection, we hope to get there soon by taking the necessary steps as we grow.

We currently work exclusively with the highest caliber of fabrics that offer UPF50+ protection, fast drying technology and water-wicking properties, all of which are tested extensively through salt water, chlorine and light exposure. We aim to have little to no fabric waste with each collection and are constantly finding new ways to repurpose or donate any unused materials. During our design process, we support local, independent women for pattern-making, modeling and fittings and employ ethically sound & fair-wage factories for the rest of our production needs.

We also avoid using all single-use plastics and ship all our products in eco-friendly, sustainable or compostable packaging and mailers, helping reduce our carbon footprint while our suits travel across the globe into your hands.